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Get Your Security Deposit Back

Have you lost all or part of a security deposit?

Get Your Security Deposit Back!

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Bruce Feldman Associates is a real estate consulting, leasing and brokerage firm advising residential and commercial tenants for leases, lease renewals and sublease transactions.
We represent the interests of tenants in lease transactions, saving our clients substantial capital expenditures while greatly reducing their risk exposure. We analyze and negotiate comprehensive lease agreements for residences, businesses, corporations, professional service firms, non-profit organizations, institutions and government agencies. We are the only leasing firm in New York City known to specialize in lease renewals and subleases.
Our firm specializes in recovery of security deposits wrongfully withheld by landlords. Whether an apartment lease or a business lease, if you have had all or part of your security deposit taken, retained or withheld by a landlord, we may be able to get it back for you. We currently have a 90% success rate and there is no fee unless we are successful. To get started, click on the "Security" link above or use our contact form.
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